Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grandma Lowe stands alone

I'm no longer embarrassed to sit while the congregation stands, although  I feel as if I'm missing something from the service.  It's better than having a dizzy spell, and my cardiologist tells me that getting up and down is hard on the heart.

Sitting while the congregation stands is not very noticeable, but standing while the rest of the congregation sits is a different story, one my dad told me about Grandma Lowe.   The congregation was sitting during the singing of a hymn, but Grandma wasn't sitting.  She continued to stand and sing even as the entire congregation remained seated .  Finally, the minister motioned for everyone to stand.  If grandma wouldn't join in sitting, everyone was  invited to stand with her. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.   Looking back most of us can find something that did not leave us perfectly happy but we need to remember and be thankful for all the good things that we enjoyed.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obamacare still smells like a mad skunk

Just three more days and Health.Gov. is supposed to be operating truthfully and we will be healthier and happier.  If you are like me, you still  don't understand clearly what Obamacare will do to your health plan,what it will cost, what doctors you can see, etc.

According to some information I have seen, Obamacare will cost the working family $5,875 in taxes, fees, and premium increases.  We will have to deal with not only the largest tax increase in history but with the most changes ever in our health system.

How many people will lose their health coverage? Some estimates are as high as 90 million, even more if one third  of employers stop offering health coverage.

Another little concern --  the nation will add 6.2 trillions to the long-term federal debt.  Most of us can only suffer and wait until Obama lets us finally  know what our fate will be.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A faint memory from boot camp

"You will have plenty of time to eat when you have completed your work" .  It was about the middle of boot camp when our company had mess cooking duties, serving the food and cleaning up. We were very busy and couldn't grab any food if we wanted to.

Desert was chocolate pie, too  tempting for me to pass up.  I managed to sneak a piece, and then another. In a few minutes I had consumed an entire pie.  Lucky for me because the company commander decided there wasn't time for us to eat before going back on duty.

I smiled to myself; I wasn't hungry.  Later as we marched, ran and did calisthenics, I felt very ill. Too much  pie.  For years after this I could not eat chocolate pie.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hide your face in shame, America

Obama's Rebels slaughtered 45 Syrian Christians this week and were rewarded wiith more arms and money by our government.  Earlier this month Obama's group murdered 70 Christians -- innocent men, women and children whose only crime was being Christians and living in a Christian village.

When the 70 were killed I called on American and other Christians to cry out to our so-called leaders to take action  -- at the least to quit  arming the murdering Rebels who boast of their campaign too kill all Christians.  Are we all a bunch of cowards?  Let us force Obama and his cohorts to abandon those "Rebels."

That is only some of  the evil being done in our name.  Obama and Kerry are dealing with Iran, asking for a slow down in building and  situating nuclear weapons to strike at Israel.  In return, the United States will reward Iran with our money.  Our state department, led by Kerry, refused as part of the deal to demand the release of the Christian minister. No guts, no integrity-- that's who represent American.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I remember it -- the Doolittle raid

How great it is that the four survivors of the Doolittle raid on Japan will be honored with the Omar R. Bradley "Spirit of Independence Award" December 31.  The award will be presented during the Independence Bowl.

The raid on Japan from planes aboard ships came April 18, 1942,  only  a few months after Japan started World II by attacking Pearl Harbor December 7,1941.  The raid struck Tokyo and boosted American morale during a dark time for America.

I wonder how many people who lived though the war remember the raid and how proud and happy that it was a success although a number of pilots became prisoners of the Japanese. Bravery of that kind should be saluted.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jessica a leader at "Explorations."

Daughter Jessica has returned to North Carolina from Denver where she was a member of a group representing Duke Seminary at a conference termed Explorations.  Thirteen seminaries from all parts of the country made presentations and answered questions from participants considering a religious career.

Two years ago Jessica was a participant at the meeting held in St. Louis. She was sponsored by the Louisiana Methodist Conference then; Duke sponsored her this year as a leader helping to present Duke to the participants.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A note about spinal meningitis

Princeton university's problem with meningitis and the search for a cure brought to my mind the time I had meningitis.  I was in the navy (World War II) and  on the day  I completed radar school I came down with spinal meningitis.  I was treated in the San Diego Naval Hospital.

I was given sulfadiazene and penicillin, the sulfa being a specific for meningitis and the penicillin to treat any bacterial infection that struck.

Years after leaving the navy I saw in my medical records that I was first diagnosed as having viral meningitis, later changed to bacterial.  I was told antibiotics are not effective against viral attacks but vaccinations are usually effective.

Let's hope this once rare ailment does not  become resistant to our treatments.  I learned at our class reunion that one member had meningitis twice.

I'm no Llincoln lover

Today is the l50th anniversary of  President Lincoln's address at the Gettysburg battleground. His words were poetic and inspiring; his actions were barbaric and uncivilized.

Lincoln started a war that would decimate the nation -- not to end slavery but to force back into the union the states that had seceded.  When we discuss history let's get it right.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Will Obamacare kill our sick economy?

Many people think so, including Bob Woodward, who said "it's going to blow a hole in the budget two or three months down the road." 

Some see the markets going up and the fed printing money as fast as the presses can run, and believe the economy is fine.  They don't care that fewer and fewer workers have jobs and many jobs that exist pay little above minimum while others are less than 40 hours a week.

Obama does not understand that for the economy to thrive something must be  produced,  either from farming, mining or manufacturing.  Our agriculture can be healthy although the government likes to make harmful and unneeded regulations.  Mining, led by fossil fuels, profits the nation and could be a greater factor if we committed to be self-sufficient in energy .  Where we are hurting is in manufacturing.  We have to compete with the world. So often we do the research to develop new electronic and other products -- then see them made in other countries, providing them with the  jobs we need.

It would appear that even by accident Obama could do something right about the economy but his ideas are totally wrong. For instance, new taxes go into effect January l.  The damage that will do to the economy can not be estimated.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I hate glass doors to the shower

Yes, I really do dislike glass shower doors; maybe a better word is fear.  Give me a curtain.  When I am in a hotel with glass doors to the shower and tub, I check the doors inside and outside to make sure --as sure as I can be -- that the doors will easily open and will not trap me inside.

Some people might describe  meas claustrophobic.  I remember in boot camp we were given a few minutes of  tear gas.  I got more than my taste of gas because my helmet didn't fit, so I took it off.  When they opened the door to the little room we were in, I crowded to the front, seeking to get out. For that, the officer  held me until everyone else was outside.

Broken egg can't be whole again

Obama and his response to Democrat politicos crying for help was all the news this week as the president offered to keep his oft made promise that "if you like your health plan you can keep it."Sort of.   His change in Obamacare extends to some time in 2014, presumably in time to help those Democrats seeking  re-election to the Senate or House.

When an egg is broken you can't make it whole again.  People who have cancellations are supposed now to compare their old plan with the plan offered by Obamacare.  There are so many problems with this that  few if any expect it to work.  That doesn't seem to bother the president;  his purpose was to soothe the Democrats who are afraid Obmacare is too heavy a burden to carry into the election next year.

The president had to share the hot news spot with examples of corruption by his "navigators."  Shades of ACORN.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Old songbooks and a total eclipse

I recently received an old songbook from my sister, Ruth, who lives in California.  The book had no relation to California but instead had made its way there from North Louisiana. Copyrighted in 1941, the title page describes itself as "A choice collection of revival songs.

The book stirred some memories, including the Webster Parish Singing Convention meeting at McIntyre Methodist Church in the late thirties. A year or two later the church was re-located to make room for a shell manufactoring plant. That Sunday afternoon there was a total solar eclipse which we viewed through smoked glass.

After writing this I hit the computer for "1937 eclipse" and it came back with information on a total solar eclipse on June 8, 1937.  I was 10 at the time, two months away from 11.

How's that for a memory?

What a pain -- to see pain doctor

I visited my pain doctor Thursday afternoon -- what a pain!  My appointment was at 1:15 and I was there  at 1.  Five of us were called to the little rooms at one time.  At 2:30 I was visited (not by  the doctor) and told my prescriptions would be renewed once the doctor signed them.  That meant another wait of near half an our.

Some pizza company promises your pizza is free if not delivered within a reasonable time.  Why can't we require that of doctors?

Seriously, think how  bad it will be when Obamacare takes over, judging from the problems  it has in getting started.  Some states are making progress. Delaware has signed up one person at a cost of two million dollars.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A salute to World War I veterans

As a veteran of World War II I want to take advantage of Veteran's Day  to recognize how much I owe to World War I veterans.  I am happy that veterans of unpopular wars in the Mideast  are shown appreciation and     have their needs addressed.  That was not how veterans of World War I were treated.  Those warriors thought they could re-enter civilian life; it didn't work that way.

Many suffered from the effects of poison gas, but their needs were ignored.   They thought the jobs they had when they donned the uniform would await them; they were wrong.  Ill and out of work, they hoped a promised bonus would ease their pain; they marched to Washington only be beaten and  shot.

When the second world war drew to a close, those mistreated veterans determined that World War II veterans would be treated differently.  They pounded Congress and took advantage of public relations to propose and get enacted the GI Bill. Each veteran was accorded a college education if he wanted it; The vet could take advantage of up to 52 weeks at 20 dollars a week while he sought employment. The VA was ordered to meet the medical needs of sick and wounded veterans.

I benefited from the GI Ball, obtaining a college education I could not have enjoyed  otherwise. Millions have benefited, all because World War I veterans fought for them.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sneaky Obama bows to Iran

While we suffer from Obama's scandals and mistakes here at home, he enters into to a deal rto lift sanctions from Iran without any slowing of  Iran's march to military nuclear power.  We've learned that the secret deal was given some five months ago, ignoring Congress the American  people, our allies, and Israel's survival.

I don't know how to handle Iran, but Congress and our allies  must be involved in any decision.  When Iran has nuclear power, all nations in the Mideast are going to seek the same power.  We think  the Mideast is a trouble spot now; think how dangerous to world peace it will be when nations resort to nuclear warfare.

My thoughts on Jessica's paper on Methodism

Jessica (our daughter at Duke Seminary) sent me a copy of a paper she has just completed  on Methodism.  It's not an easy paper to read and comprehend because the subject is  complex. John and Charles taught that God's grace is   freely given, but godly practice is called for.

Much of the Wesley beliefs are professed in the songs Charles wrote, each song a sermon.  What can be more comforting, yet inspiring, than this:

          Jesus, lover of my soul,
          Let me to Thy bosom fly,
          While the nearer waters roll.
          While the tempest still is high,
           Hide me, O my Savior hide,
           Till the storm of life is past,
           Safe into the haven guide,
           Oh, receive my soul at last,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On shore patrol in Panama

The USS Pickens was on its last voyage traveling down the Pacific coast to go through the Panama Canal and then on up the Atlantic coast to Norfolk.

We entered  at Balboa and   traveled though the canal to anchor at Colon.  We had a few days liberty there, at Panama City and Balboa. I looked forward to going ashore, but I never expected it would be as a   temporary shore patrol.

My task, as I saw it, was to keep sailors out of trouble.  I became acquainted with a member of the Panama police, even learning a few Spanish words.  Near midnight three US Navy men had a drink in a bar.  They ignored three women who sat near them and ordered drinks.  As the sailors got up to leave they were presented a large bill for expensive drinks for the women.  The sailors refused to pay and in a few minutes the police and the shore patrol arrived, threatening to jail the men if they didn't pay,  I agreed with the men that they were being robbed but  urged them to pay  rather than be locked up and miss their ship.

Syrian Christians murdered--- United States rewards Rebels with guns

Syrian Islamist Rebels slaughtered 70 Christians, beheaded three priests, and received machine guns and other arms from the United States.  That continues our policy of support for the Rebels, who make no secret of their goal of killing all Christians.

We have had a covert operation of arming the Rebels; now we have begun an overt campaign of sending  the Rebels guns and other arms.

The Syrian Christians have cried out for help,  only to be turned aside by Obama.  Where are American churches?  They are absent, preferring to erect showy buildings  rather than serve Christ.  "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me."  We have chosen to ignore the words and actions of Christ.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Obamacare? Who gives a damn --global warming is where it's at

Every day that passes brings more and more frightful information about Obamacare.  Just a few years ago who would have thought that Americans would lose the right to choose their  health plan, their doctor and their hospital.  If these basic freedoms can be taken away from us, what other rights will be taken?

One man who is not worried is President Obama.  When scandal after scandal came to light, he didn't care. Whether it was the abandoning  of our ambassador at Benghazi or the dishonesty  of the IRS, Obama did not care; another scandal would come along to distract the news media, which dedicated itself to defending Obama.

Now as people are horrified as they learn about the real Obamacare, the president comes up with another distraction -- global warming.  He ignores statistics disproving his and Gore's plans to cost us billions in changes that are wrong, wrong, wrong.  I hope you people who voted for Obama suffer the full effects of his vicious and unfair actions. Sorry, that was not kind and Christian. I should apologize for those remarks. Like hell I will.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Remembering Pickens trip through Panama Canal

Her job was done; the Pickens had spent months on the Magic Carpet bringing troops home, the last group from Samar in the Philippines.  We got back to San Francisco January 6 and immediately began to decommission the ship.  In February we were ordered to get the ship ready for sea duty, our destination Norfolk.

The journey down  the coast was a pleasant one; I remember the aroma of flowers coming to us from the shore.  We went through the Panama Canal, with liberties at Colon, Panama City and Balboa. My experience as temporary shore patrol is another story.