Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How Great It Is

The nation has many problems but vote for any of the five candidates and all will be solved.  We need an improved health plan, well paying jobs, and guaranteed safety from foreign powers.  I forgot, we're going to need a big wall.  

You think I'm a fool but just listen to the campaign promises.  Every problem will be take care of.

The only thing lacking is how are we going to accomplish all of these things.  But they will be done according to the candidates.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome Home Jessica

Jessica Lowe returns May 1 from a Methodist  mission trip in the Mid East. Jessica was an honor grad from LSU and was graduated Cum Laude from Duke. She was commissioned as a Methodist Pastor in June and left for Israel July 1, and has served there since.

Her first two weeks there, she lived in an underground cave volunteering at a bible school held on a farm.  She has done various volunteer work while living in Jerusalem, tutoring at a school, serving with a humanitarian group at a checkpoint, preaching at the Church of Scotland and other activities.  She has made both Israeli and Palestinian friends while working with both groups.

Jessica is the daughter of Roy and Jennifer Lowe.  Roy Lowe spent 20 years in Homer as editor of the Guardian-Journal and six years as mayor.

Jessica will be honored at a Welcome Home Celebration in Shreveport on May 7. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My first convention

All the recent voting in New York for  delegates   brought to my mind my first time to vote for president and related to it.

I was 22, a    recent graduate  from LSU and  a job with the Guardian Journal.

I was parked in front of the house in which I roomed.  The Republican convention  was going on late and I was tuned on the  the radio. My landlady sent her  son to check on me        and      was                   puzzled why I was in the car so late.

One of the contenders was Ike (war hero) and I think he was opposed by Senator Taft. Ike won, of course.

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's time she came home

Jessica who has been serving as a missionary in Israel will come home April 30.  She has had a wide range of experiences but she was able to avoid any violence until this morning when a bus exploded at a bus stop that is only five minutes away from her apartment.  She had just returned from the dog park when the bus exploded.  Approximately 15-16 were injured. The authorities recently determined it was a terrorist attack.

Jessica will fly from Tel Aviv to Germany and Dallas before arriving in Shreveport.  We are looking forward to hearing more about her experiences. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

They threw me out of church

I was hauled away from church Sunday.  It wasn't because of my bad singing but  I could have done  better teaching the class.  Jen insisted I was ill and had me hauled away to Emergency despite my protests.   Helping load me in  the car included Pastor Tom  Howe, Don Jackson, Jimmy Draper and perhaps others.

I went to the emergency room at Willis Knighton Pierremont and was put through examinations and tests including a CAT scan of my brain.  The attending physician said he couldn't find anything particularly wrong and discharged me by 2:00 p.m. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Limb Attacks Neighbor

Wham - bam - crash. Is the house still standing?

At a few  minutes before 8 Sunday night we hear a loud blow against the house.  Did a big truck hit?  Did one of those majestic pines  fall on the house?  Or was that IRS banging on the front door?  We checked  as best we could but found nothing,  Our greatest fear was that one of  those majestic pines had fallen.

(This morning  we were able to determine it was the neighbor's tree that fell on their house. No one's home and not sure how to get in touch with them.)


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Republican Convention Likely

More and more it  appears that  Republicans will require a special convention to select their candidate for president.  It is possible that Donald Trump will meet or come very close to meeting the current rules but the establishment will find a way to block him from succeeding.

The establishment has become a strong supporter of Ted Cruz but Cruz is far from meeting the wishes of the establishment. In fact, Cruz is much further than Trump in meeting the ideal that this Republican establishment is looking for. 

What a lovely gift

The IRS, everyone's favorite group, has extended the deadline to file federal income taxes to April 18,     giving us three additional days to suffer. The extra days are given because Emancipation Day will be celebrated April 15.

Taxpayers are advised  to check  federal and state tax deadlines and any possible changes.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

167 years

With the physical problems I have been  enduring. I can forgive the recent lack of  use of my blog. Two visits to doctors and a barber is a full week but I did find some good news.

Lisbon Methodist Church erected a historical marker that called attention to 167 years of service.at the same place.