Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jessica and Thanksgiving

We tlked to Jessica by phone Thursday and was happy to see she was in good spirits although her dinner with six professors and one child was not like Thanksgiving   In her paper sadness came through; I know, Jessica, you feel helpless at times with friends on both sides. Please rememmber we love you and pray for you.

It was good for you to have a more traditional Thanksgiving day with the Lutherans.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Invasion of Sea Peoples

Millions of Syrians and other Muslim invaders of Western Europe will change the world for the bad.  Some of  the smaller nations have been overcome to the extent Sharia law is now in effect.  The invasion has been compared to the flood of refugees following World  War II, .but I think it is more similar to the invasion by the Sea people some 25 hundred years ago.

Who were these people and where did they come from?  Some came from what is now  Greece, others from Crete, but  from anywhere in Europe.  They came by ship, in wagons with solid wheels and horseback.  They attacked and destroyed the powerful Hittite civilization.  Ox wagons, drawn by hump backed oxen, piled high with household  utensils and furniture, accompanied by women and children, made their steady advance.  In front marched masses of armed men.

A fleet arrived off Cyprus and occupied the island. By land the trek continued on into northern Syria, reached Carchemish  on the Euphrates and moved on up the valley of the Orontes. The rich seaports of the Phoenicians fell before them.  On and on rolled  this avalanche by land and sea.

Ramesses III prepared feverishly for battle and called for a mobilization of his men and ships.     He won a battle of significance in world history.  The enemy land forces were annihilated.

Tribes who were part of the Sea Peoples include Denyen, Ekwesh, Sharden, Weshesh, TJerer, and the Peleseset, believed to be Philistines.

Doctors appointment Results

I left church Sunday just before Sunday school.  It was not something I wanted to do or take lightly but I felt ill and did not want to chance having to leave during church service.

I see the doctor this afternoon but am not expecting a miracle.   I am hoping he will increase the medicine that seems to help me.

It is Wednesday morning and  our minds have turned to Thanksgiving.  We are reminded that we should be offering to God thanks for our many blessings.  I got good new from the doctor Monday and look forward to lab results from visit Tuesday.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Enough to make world ill

I have neglected my blog because I am ill physically,  mentally and emotionally.  What is going on in the world is enough to make us all ill.  Radical Muslims invaded a hotell in Mali and took 170 hostages,  killing 27.   The hotel  and hostages have been freed. 

Why cannot Obama and many Democrats admit we are at war with radical Islam?  We must begin to realize that this is war that we must win and at present we are losing. Obama refused to go to the aid of Christians, but he wants to flood the country with Muslims.

Monday, November 16, 2015

ISIS is winning the war

Within a few days ISIS has crashed a plane, killing 224, and attacked six places in Paris, killing 129 and wounding  300.  The president of France has rightly declared the attacks in Paris to be an act of war.  ISIS has boasted that America will be hit next and we can only tremble and wonder when and where the attack will come.

We are leaderless with a president who refuses even to name the terrorist group.  Whose side is he on? Our only hope may be to remove him from office and replace him with a leader.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Veteran Day Observance

Forty-four veterans were presented medals during a Louisiana Honor Medal Ceremony at Christ United Methodist Church Thursday, November 12. The  ceremony was often emotional as family members and friends gave their support to the veterans who ranged in age to 99.

Boy Scouts led off the ceremony by presenting the Colors and armed services flags as anthems played.  Rep. Burford presented the medals as Jen Lowe gave a brief account of the recipient's service.

The program was conceived by Jen Lowe who discovered that most veterans in  the church had never been awarded the Louisiana medal.  She spent many hours putting together information on church members who were qualified for the medal   Others not church members were soon included.                  

                  Personal note --- I had already been presented the medal  in a ceremony at Barksdale, but I was award ed  the  Philippine Liberation Medal, one of the medals I earned with service in World War II.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Veteran's Day being observed

Quite a bit of activity this week.  First,  Jessica has regained internet service and sent out a message on her blog. She commented on the contrasts in customs and standards of living that can be seen in the same area.

Jen is busy getting  Boy Scouts prepared for a Veterans Day program and also getting a medal program ready for Thursday.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Coffee saved my sanity

Or what's left of it.

Last Thursday I began to have jitters,  extreme depression and mental issues so bad I called the doctor's office and asked for help.  My call was never answered and my depression and nervousness increased.   I was unable to sleep that night and Friday  was terrible.

My wife and I wondered if the drugs I had  started to ease my shoulder pain could have caused my problem. The doctor who had prescribed the drug was called and assured us that this was unlikely. I consulted the font of wisdom (the computer) and learned that stopping caffeine could cause reactions.  I checked and found that Jen had given me decaf for two days by mistake.  I got back on caffeine and my sanity was restored.  (At least for the present.)

Blacks force Missouri U president to resign

University of Missouri black football players have forced the  university president to resign; what's next?  It seems that  the coach not only joined the black players but got the white players to join the protest.

The demonstrations began with some black groups who got the football team to join, threatening the school with financial loss.  Among their demands in addition to firing the president was selection of faculty be on quotas not qualifications.

Most sports fans are familiar with athletes demanding pay, but most people are unaware that players already receive  from 50 thousand to 125 thousand dollars a year in pay and benefits.  Many schools do not force athletes to attend class  but award them A's,                                                                                 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dr Carson is trustworthy

Dr. Carson may be weak on some qualities we look for in a president, but being trustworthy is not one of them.  People are right to trust him over some news media and Mr. Trump.

He is accused of being wrong when he said  he was offered a scholarship to attend West Point. An  appointment  or scholarship; the result is the same.

I was barely 19 and in the navy when WW2 ended.  Several opportunities were offered me if I would stay in the navy, including a fleet appointment to Annapolis.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Debates unfair

Another Republican debate is scheduled for Tuesday.  In my opinion all of  these debates have been unfair.  I realize all participants cannot receive equal time but the moderators could be fairer than they needed to be. This debate shaping up is so unfair that some of those with much to offer are excluded from the stage.

I speak with Jessica

I visited by phone with Jessica for a few minutes Thursday;  she has phone service again after being without after moving to a different apartment.  She has been busy and preached at two services Sunday. You can understand that my greatest concern is her safety.  She said violence is less and she knows the areas to avoid.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This is a bad week

This week started off badly and has gotten worse. I felt too sick to go to church Sunday and the week has not gotten better.  Tuesday  morning I visited a  foot doctor to get my toe nails trimmed and treatment began for a corn that has made walking painful for six months.Today I am battling depression which is  painful.  I invite you to pray for me.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Remembering naval events

While serving in the Navy in the South Pacific, I attempted to get permission to take part in some hazardous  
operations, hoping, I know, now, that my requests would be denied.  When we used our boats to take Marines ashore, a navy "beach party" would be among the first to go. 

In the party would be radiomen, signalmen and speciaties who had trained for this. The navymen were in  the greatest danger.  I asked to be allowed to be a member of this group but was turned down.

Later we were at Saipan from where our planes bombed Tokyo daily.  A pilot  of a B29 agreed to take my friend and me, but the ship's captain would not agree.