Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I have decided to observe my 90th birthday with  relatives and  friends Saturday,  August 24

A try at my blog

I have neglected my blog for weeks and was not certain I would ever re-activate it but I am giving it another try.  The presidential campaign has sickened me. My decision is to try again.

News sources and reporters are most to blame.  Instead of explainging the effects each candidate will hurt or help the economy, the candidate is called on to use obscene and and foolish words, the candidates are forced to be silly,  vulgar and shameful.

This nation is in trouble, at home  and at sea.  Instead of helping the economy by expanding the production of coal, oil  and gas, the nation  handicaps their production.  We must eliminate unneeded rules and encourage

 small industry to grow and provide jobs.

All over the world innocent people are tortured and killed. while our only response is no: troops on the ground,  that was not the way we responded in World war 2.