Saturday, January 30, 2010

It has been some time since I visited this blog. Jen's mother died and I was to ill to attend the funeral. This was the second funeral I was unable to attend, the other being Elizabeth Lowe in Minden.

Just a few notes on some thoughts I have been having. Why can not even Obama see that his stimulus plan has not created jobs and is wasting money, increasing the nation's indebtedness?
Every dollar given in ear marks and to favored companies and individuals and to create public service jobs is a dollar taken from a private sector worker. Why can we not have a cross the board tax cut instead of tax breaks for special programs and subsidies for others? Now the president is talking about a government loan forgiveness program for college students that must be paid for by others. Quit subsidizing programs such as green energy. Let industries and companies make it on their own.

On another subject,
I imagine people in the east are wishing today that global warming is real.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It would be comical if the economy was not so bad --three Obama advisors gave different estimates of jobs that could be credited to Obama's Recovery Act.Valerie Jarrett was the most conservative, saying "thousands and thousands" of jobs were created or saved. David Axelrod said the act created or save more than two million jobs. Robert Gibbs came in between with 1.5 million jobs. Jarrett added that school teachers, firemen and policemen were among those with jobs because of Obama. These are government jobs --that is what the Obama administration loves. More federal jobs have been added during this past year. What about the private sector--how many jobs were created or saved? Obama people have attempted to compare Obama's decline in polls to what happened to Ronald Reagan. Reagan withstood criticism and held to his progam of cutting taxes which resuled in years of prosperity and job growth. Obama's policy of spending and getting the nation into more debt is opposite to what worked under Reagan.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pastor Tom Howe preached this morning on asking questions and the answers given on why disasters happen. He read scripture where Jesus answered this referring to a tower that fell killing 18. Those people were no more wicked than others who were spared. Bad things happen and they are not because people did something to deserve them. I know this makes for a random world when we say God is in control. However, we do not want to be robots and want to have free will to make of our lives what we care to, good, bad or indifferent. There are no easy answers that completely satisfy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Effect of Brown's election

For the entire day I have been reading and hearing a variety of opinions as to what the election of Scot Brown to the senate will have on the health care bill, cap and trade, elections this November, and about everything else under the sun. My opinion certainly does not matter but I'll give it anyway. This will make passing the health bill as it now stands difficult if now impossible, but it could result in a bill that has some popular features, such as insurance policies being sold across state lines, coverage of preexisting conditions, and even tort reform.

Above all, I hope this will delay if not kill cap and trade and avoid wrecking the US economy.

As for effect on elections, much could happen before November.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The nation awaits results of the Massachusetts senatorial election tomorrow (Tuesday between Coakley and Brown. It will be interesting to see the fall out if Brown wins the seat held so long by Teddy Kennedy. We who are so concerned about the way the Obama administration is taking this nation will take comfort for any victory and hope it is an indication of better things to come.

More doctor stuff

Received a stack of forms to be filled out for my appointment with Dr. Mody February 10. He says he does not prescribe pain killers for back pain except for operations. He sends patients for pain management. I already have that and I want something more effective and permanent.

I have an appointment with Dr. Singh, cardiologist, at 11 tomorrow.

Jon called this morning about going to funeral services this morning for Elizabeth Lowe, wife of
Cecil Cherry. I could not go because of my back. I think the last time I saw them was the funeral for Terrel, about three years ago. Cecil was practically blind at that time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I"m getting better.

I have not posted in several days. I have not wanted to post much personal information and the principal thing on my mind lately has been the back pain I suffer and my recent illness. The pain has not lessened but I feel better even thought my throat is sore and I'm hoarse. I could not teach
Sunday school and did not attend church.

I have an appointment to see another back doctor but not until February 10. If it takes a month now to see a doctor how long will be a patient wait after obamacare takes over?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The earthquake in Haiti and its horrible damages to people and property put many other problems in their place of so much less importance. Nature can hit with such effect and with random, striking without any pattern or reason. I resent remarks like that byPat Roberts, who said Haiti was being punished for making a pact with the devil many years ago.

I am bothered by senseless religious arguments. Serious religious discussions can be enjoyed and instructive. Most discussions I see are at best silly and come from ignorance. With Christians being killed and churches being destroyed in many countries, it is especially silly to argue denomination differences.

Monday, January 11, 2010

still very cold but some warming predicted her although Florida citrus crops are being hit hard with big losses expected.

One would think the freezing temperatures around much of the world would cause the global warming enthusiasts to calm down a little but no. The story is that we are talking about weather --while they are talking about climate. The global warming and green nuts are a threat to the welfare of the entire world. Think what cap and trade proposals will do to our economy, and this effort to go green may be an even greater danger. Will we come to our senses in time?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it is cold but I do not believe tomorrow will get in the teens. I could be wrong but we are prepared as well as can be. Everyone in the family believes he has enough anti-freeze and all outside faucets are covered.

Of all the crazy and costly changes environmental wackos have brought about, the thing that makes me mad is the banning of DDT, the safest and most effective insecticide ever.Millions of people get malaria every year in Africa and millions of deaths would have been prevented if we had continued spraying DDT. Buying nets and sending them to Africa helps temporarily but malaria continues to ravage the continent.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cold,cold,cold. Coldest year in 25 years for US. Much snow predicted as records are being set.It's true for the world. UK expected heavy snow; South Korea coldest in 70 years. Will the globe warming nuts wake up? It's not about the weather for them; they want to redistribute wealth.

Can our country stand another year like 2009? Trillions have been misspent and the health plan and cap and trade could bring us down. Who is going to pay the huge debt we are amassing?

Monday, January 4, 2010

light snow last night. so much for global warming. ma nature seems to be trying to teach a lesson to those so-called scientists. Well, the new decade is rolling along. I meant to post earlier about good and bad of 2009. Will just say happiest event was the birth of Lily on July 9. It was a real delight to have her and Mark and Julie for the holidays.From Christmas card learned that carol had a near stroke and that Frank had three operations but is okay now. Caroline had a four-pound baby girl December 7, Pearl Harbor day.