Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Telephone Conversation with Former Shipmate

Saturday I called B.M. Butters who was a radioman on the USS Pickens.  We were  among the last to be discharged, staying with the ship throughout its decommissioning. We did not remember each other but enjoyed reminiscing. He was called  back into service during the Korean Conflict.  Butters has been a fireman for some 32 years and currently  is a fire commissioner.  His son contacted me after reading postings in my blog and gave me his father's address and phone number.  I hope that if there are any other living Pickens shipmates or members of their families, they will contact me.  Once I was discharged in 1946 I was all about beginning a new life  and made no effort to remain in touch with shipmates.  Now, over 60 years later, not many of us are still around.

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