Thursday, November 4, 2010

$200,000,000. Yes, That's 200 Million Dollars for One Play Day

That's how much President Obama and 3,000 groupies will cost the United States taxpayers for one day of playtime in India.  Since he and his cohorts are scheduled to devote three days to visiting museums and touring other spots, that comes to 600 million.  But wait, the president will go on to Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and China for a total of ten days.  If expenditures per day are equivalent, that's two billion, yes two billion, dollars that will be wasted. 

This is shameful, especially at a time when millions of Americans are living on food stamps and  walking the streets all day seeking  a job.  This is at a time when social security recipients, some of whom barely get enough to pay their prescription bill, go into their second year without a cost of living increase.  Think about it, one day of Obama's play time in India would have been enough to provide one million social security recipients a check for 200 dollars.

Hell, Obama's trip may cost more than two billion dollars. He will be chaperoned by 34 warships, 40 planes, and 3,000 of his buddies.  Why are we allowing this to go on without at the least expressing in the strongest manner our disapproval?  Are all our senators and representative too cowardly to cry out against this theft of our resources?

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