Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Salute to Those Great Veterans of the "Great War"

Yes, I know veterans of  World War I have passed away, but my experiences with some of those veterans had a great influence on me.  This nation should be ashamed of how World War I veterans were treated, even to sending troops against them in Washington, D.C.  Those veterans, using the power in their organizations like the American Legion, pushed through the GI Bill of Rights, which included college education for those who wanted it.  In our Legion post it was the World War I veterans who would take on important tasks but those without recognition.  I think of Jim Noland, a WWI vet who lost  a son ( or was it two) in WWII. Jim did so much for the post and for the community, and without any desire for thanks or praise. He was typical of veterans of that war, and he and others imbued me with the  philosophy that veterans should continue to serve their community and nation.  So I salute those veterans who have served and gone on.

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