Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Books Bring Back Memories

In reorganizing our books we are left with dozens, maybe hundreds, we have no space for and must be either given away or thrown away.  While many are novels we no longer want to read, some of the books to be thrown away bring back memories, including "The Practice of Industrial Development." Early in my first year with Louisiana Dept. of  Commerce and Industry I spent a week at Texas A&M.  It was a fun week -- not the three-hour lectures from so-called experts in economic development, but I teamed up with a guy from Alabama, another from Arkansas, and an Indian from Oklahoma.  We found places in College Station that most people never saw.  A lady from Louisiana who owned a bar entertained us with more Cajun stories than Justin Wilson ever knew.  I was with the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce when I attend two week-long sessions at the  University of Oklahoma.  Jen and my twin boys were along for the session the second year.  I became acquainted with a number of other professionals in economic development.

Two other books  with a history are my freshman English  and history books.  None of these books hold any interest or use for anyone but disposing of them is a little like saying goodbye to someone.

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