Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Hope This Election Sets Nation on Track to Prosperity

I go to the polls today with hope but with little optimism that the nation's very serious problems will be solved.. No question that the Obama administration and Congress have inflicted on us wrong policies, but it goes deeper that that; their philosophy of government is wrong.  The wishes of the people are ignored because those in charge are committed to the belief in government control of every facet of our lives.  In two years, they have gained control of health, of the auto industry, of  banks, of student loans, and are seeking  a cap and trade law that would destroy much of our energy industry.  Uppermost in the minds of  the majority of voters is the poor economy, especially the loss of jobs.  Will whoever is elected have ideas to solve this and other problems?
Will they give people who have ideas  an opportunity to be heard?  Even we peons believe cutting taxes will spur growth in the economy and put people back to work. Noting what a terrible mistake Obamacare is, will the new Congress read and discuss bills before passing them?  Hovering like a dark cloud over everything is the concern  for our national security.  Will we do everything possible to keep this nation safe?  Yes, I have hope that this election will begin to set this country on the right track, and I wish I could be more optimistic than I am..

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