Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heavy Back Packs Give Students Spinal Problems

What's with all these heavy back packs carried by first graders to seniors and all students in between?  I know it is not a new thing, but the back pack seem to be getting heavier and heavier.  Watch the children walking down the street after leaving a school bus.  They are bowed over frontwards or leaning sideways to balance the heavy weight.  When I was in school little kids had book sacks to carry pencils, crayons and scissors, and maybe one book.  Boys in high school, if they carried books home at all, usually tied a belt around them.  Girls usually clutched theirs to their bosom.  Some text books are very large now; I mean not only thick but large in area. I found out these books are very expensive, also.  Text book printing is a lucrative business.  I wonder if all those books are necessary.

A few years ago I asked my daughter why she brought all her books home every day when she needed only some of them for homework.  She explained when school opened and students were permitted to enter, they had  very little time to get to class and no time to visit a locker.

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