Friday, May 2, 2014

School lunch leaves student hungry,

My  l0-year-old grandson was headed to a Cub Scout meeting with  his grandmother when he said he had not eaten lunch at school and wanted something to eat before going to the meeting.  Asked what he would like he gave the answer you would expect -- peanut butter sandwich.

Asked why he didn't eat lunch at school, he said he seldom does, maybe finding one item he can eat. I ate at his school once this year in connection with some event. I cannot remember what was served that day, but I ate some of the food on the tray.  It was low calorie, all right!

Often, persons who mean well do wrong, and the lunch program is an example.   Lunches are supposed to be healthy and low calorie.  The calories allowed are based on the complete tray of food, which results in many children going hungry.  No matter how healthy a food might be, it is no food at all if the students refuse to eat it.

We need to take another look at the school lunch program

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